Youth protection information

Erotic-Scout takes our responsibility for the protection of minors very seriously and actively pursues it, responsibly and always aligns its offerings with the current legal situation and legislation. The offers on our platform are created with the utmost care and with the protection of minors in mind, we continuously review all content, strive to prevent violations and take consistent action against obvious violations. The offers on our platform are intended exclusively for persons of legal age, just as offers can only be posted by persons of legal age. We commit our users and partners to this.

The most important information on the protection of minors at a glance

The protection of minors is important to us, as it is to the various providers and manufacturers of Internet services. In a mutual effort and with the education of our users, we can strive for a safe and up-to-date use of the Internet. In addition to guides on the subject of youth protection, manufacturers of common operating systems, virus protection programs, routers as well as specially designed youth protection programs offer detailed instructions on how to support your technology-based youth protection.

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Parental control programs:


And this is how the protection on works:

We facilitate the use of parental control programs with the help of an age identifier, the "age-de.xml" file. This label can be read by the parental control software installed on the user's device in order to block websites or their content according to the settings made. In this way, we ensure effective protection for all age groups.

mutual trust

If you notice potentially youth-endangering content on our site, please contact us immediately at or use our contact form. We are also grateful for any tips and suggestions. Our youth protection officer is available at to answer any questions or concerns regarding youth protection.